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Sierra Leone

Client - Sierra Leone National Railway Museum.

Location - Freetown, Sierra Leone


IRHC has been heavily involved in the development of this important West African railway museum in cooperation with the UK Friends of the Sierra Leone National Railway Museum, and the Government of Sierra Leone.

The museum has evolved into the best in Africa with very sophisticated collections care, conservation, archives and interpretation functions. Of note is the extensive educational programme involving a significant number of organised school, college, and social group visits, virtually on a weekly basis. The museum has become a major meeting and events venue for non-museum activities and is now a key employer of staff working for the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. An extension of the museum’s activity has seen the development of youth ‘Heritage Clubs’ at those locations formerly associated with the Railway, including a major initiative at Bauya Junction (the ‘Clapham Junction’ of Sierra Leone) which will become a major outstation of the museum, thus distributing these important cultural objectives to a wider audience.